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Register your vote
Apply for your vote today. Make sure that your friends and family too are registered as voters.
Once you become a registered voter, make sure that you vote early on the day of elections!
Voting for clean, honest and competent candidates is indeed our responsibility.
It is indeed the only way to secure a better future – for you, your family and for all of us.
Register as a voter - today!
…and don’t forget to vote during elections!
Becoming a voter is now a very simple, straightforward one click away process. It is also a permanent process;
but, we strongly recommend you to apply for your vote today – right now¸
in fact! Applying before December 10, 2013 greatly increase your chances of
become a registered voter.



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Q: OK, I applied for my vote. How to verify the status if my name is included in the voter rolls?
A. Visit the www.ceoandhra.nic.in > E-Registration > Know Your Status
Q: How to verify my name in the voter rolls ?
A. Visit www.ceoandhra.nic.in > Search Your Name
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