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Let's Vote is a campaign for the people and by the people. Many volunteers have contributed their valuable time, resources and donations for the cause.

Here is a list of the contributions
Name Company Contribution
1. JA chowdary Nvidia 20,000/- (logistics)
2. Dr. Rameshbabu Medwin 20,000/- (logistics)
3. Dasaradha gude AMD (Logistics and all Volunteer's needs Including Transportation)
4. Ramakanth Verb Communications 10,000/- (Volunteers,Printing and designing posters)
5. Bipin chandra Knoha 11,116/- (logistics)
6. Satyam Neosilica 10,000/-
7. Reddappa reddy Medimart 20,000/-
8. Sheela Enright PR (PR cordination)
9. Prof. K Subbarangaiah Veda IIT 10,000/- (Student volunteers, logistics)
10. Sagar Avantel 10,000/- (Volunteers, Logistics)
11. PV Narasimharao amipath 10,000/- (logistics)
12. D.C. Naidu Versant Technologies 10,000/-
13. Ramanan R   10,000/-
14. Murali Bukkaptnam Mandava suites 15,000/- (logistics)
  ... More names will be updated
Your contributions can be sent either in the form of cash/cheques or by electronic transfer to:

Current Account Name : 'Lets Vote'
Bank : HDFC Bank
Branch : Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
Account Number : 03172000003361
Branch IFSC number : HDFC0000317
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