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“Let’s Vote”

India, the world’s largest democracy, unfortunately, failed time and again as most of the citizens shied away from using their vote appropriately. We, the educated citizens of the country believe in the power of voting to drive extraordinary social and economic change. There is a great potential for people to use their vote to improve their livelihoods, but it must be properly harnessed – incorporated into each community’s social, cultural, historic, economic and political context.

Human development is about people: their desire and struggle to uphold their dignity, expand their freedoms and lead lives that they value. In this quest, choosing the right team to lead plays a key role; people work to earn their livelihood, improve their lifestyle and infrastructure, ensure safety and security, create relevant future-oriented institutions and governance in the complex circumstances that poverty, alienation, and voicelessness create.

Given this backdrop, “Let’s Vote” initiative is being launched to help the citizens of our resource-rich nation to find their voice, exercise their right, thus enabling them access the resources that contribute to positive development outcomes.

To help build this India, we:

  • Engage and educate Professionals: We need a passionate, pragmatic, energetic and thoughtful member base. We mobilize the energy of educated indians, educate them about development issues, and encourage them to play an active role supporting development. By doing so, we develop educated indians into leaders committed to development and global sustainability.
  • Reach out to all Professionals: We build awareness among our fellow Professionals of ‘exercising their vote’ and thus ensuring development and global sustainability, and we link these issues to actions people can take here in India that promote human development within and around the world.

“Let’s Vote” envisions a responsive, and responsible society exercising their right to vote, thereby electing an accountable team to lead and govern.


“LET’s VOTE” promotes societal development and positive nation building through sensitizing professionals to cast their vote.


We use a people-first approach
We understand that development is a people-centric process, and that voting is a means, not an end, to choosing the right team. We listen to various leaders and learn from their experience, working with them to understand the change they seek in their lives, the significance of ‘casting one’s vote’ and its role in enabling that change, and how communities can build on their existing strengths to improve society and spur growth and development.

We focus on finding sustainable solutions to root-cause problems
We seek solutions that address the problems like illiteracy, malnutrition, unemployment, underemployment, that are at the root of the challenges facing a developing community. Such solutions incorporate the needs, values and capabilities of the communities.

Recent threats to the security of the common man in the form of terrorism demands meaningful and long-term solution to secure our borders and to purge the ill-will and fanaticism existing among mislead/ misguided youth within the nation- It is our belief that electing the right leadership team, and participation of educated Indians in the process will help stem the tide.

We maximize social returns by sensitizing professionals
We operate in a disciplined manner and strive to provide our members with ever-increasing social returns. These social returns come first and foremost from development impact. Social returns result from our role in helping professionals become more active and involved citizens.

We seek to work on unbiased, nonpartisan basis without moving into the arena of any preferred political leanings, thus leaving the choice of which party or candidate to vote to, to the educated Indian, as is expected in our democratic process

We seek to partner with similar existing organizations
We recognize that there are many organizations with decades of experience working in similar areas. Rather than add another organization with parallel operations, we seek to partner with non-governmental organizations, local entrepreneurs, governments and other groups to complement their existing capacity.


  • Organize sensitizing campaigns across corporates and different industry verticals
    • Leverage the outreach of various professional bodies like AMCHAM, HYSEA, NASSCOM, CII, FICCI, FAPCI for the message to get across
    • Drive the message through various professional bodies like Bar Association, Cardiac Society, Lung Society, other Physicians, PMP, etc.
    • Leverage various alumni networks (B-Schools, Engineering Schools, Medical Schools, Universities)
    • Partner with NGOs irrespective of their interest/ operations area and use their reach to spread the message
  • Bring in endorsements from respected citizens in the society
    • well respected industrialists, academicians, bureaucrats, and public servants
  • Rope in legal/ constitutional experts, and thought leaders to lead and participate in various media talk shows and create a Q & A forum for interested individuals
  • Undertake mailing campaigns, silent marches, campaigns within housing societies/ parks across the city and other geographies
  • Rope in media to enable a wide coverage and sensitization among the educated milieu

Short-term Targets:

  • Ensure that the Hyderabad-based industries educate their employees to register for voting before December 18th 2008
    • Share the mailer on the “Three Ways to Register your Vote” with all organizations
  • Educate existing voters who are employees in various organizations to exercise their voting right in the coming Municipal and General Elections
    • Brainstorm with industry leaders about flexi-hours on the election day
    • Share information with regard to the various polling booths, directions, etc. on the website------------------

Long-term Targets:

  • Ensure that every employee has a voter ID card, along with a PAN card at the time of recruitment
  • Strive to increase the voting % by 5% in Hyderabad by the next General Elections
  • Work towards moving to the other cities in India; Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, etc. and improve the educated voters’ %
  • Work along with similar NGOs or other forums to carry the message across the country


  • Dr. Ramesh Byrapaneni, MD, Medwin Hospitals, & President Elect, TiE Hyderabad Chapter
  • J A Chowdary, MD, Nvidia India, Board of Trustees, Tie Global and Co-Chair of Ficci
  • Flt Lt. Pendyala Bipin Chandra Dutt, COO, Knoah Solutions, & Board Member, AMCHAM
  • Anil Kumar, Times Group
  • Ramakanth
  • Dr. P.Kiranmai Dutt, VP, Knoah Solutions
  • Mrs. Sri Nagi Byrapaneni, Director, Operations, Medwin Hospitals
  • Farhan
  • Venkat vankayalapati
  • Suresh Babu (rama naidu studios)
  • Bhaskar Reddy- Income tax Commissioner
  • Sushantho Misra
  • Hysea
  • TiE
  • HMA
  • IACC
  • Prof K Subbarangayya
  • Kalyan
  • Dr Vishnu
  • Jagdeesh
  • Vidya
  • Murali Bukkapatnam, MD, BSP Systems, USA & Director, Mandava Spas & Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sanjeev Jain GE
  • Col Ravi, TiE
  • Rajendra kumar, Ficci
  • Premnivas, Mentor graphics
  • Yashodhar, Mandava
  • Bosco
  • Sarma, ISB
  • Prof Rajeev Sangal, IIIT
  • Balaji, Vasavi College of Engineering
  • Dasarath Gude, MD, AMD
  • Sheela Panicker, enRight PR
  • P Muralidharan, enRight PR

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